My Work

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«When machines are in control, the beauty they produce is cold and shallow. It is human hand that creates subtlety and warmth.»

– Soetsu Yanagi

I have been creating porcelain vessels for 25 years : They are soulful pieces of work with unique charisma. I try to find forms which please through simplicity and elegance. My porcelain vessels are meant for use in your everyday life.
I color porcelain and throw layers of different color combinations at the potter’s wheel. The rotation of the wheel draws colorful spirals and waves. The product slowly begins to take form. On the vessel cloudy skies, hilly landscapes and sand dunes emerge… every single piece of work has its own history as only carefully handmade products can have.

My cups and bowls are glazed transparent on the inside and matte polished on the outside. They are high fired and durable; they’re meant for every day use and are dishwasher proof.
Have fun with it!